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Initial basic training (IBT)

Ireland #1 Motorbike Lessons

At O’Reilly School of Motoring Dublin we provide motorbike lessons which cover the Initial Basic Training (IBT) course. It is a statutory requirement that you hold a learner permit for the appropriate category of motorbike. In order to obtain a learner permit you must:


  • Pass a Theory Test
  • Get the learner permit for the category of motorbike you wish to ride
  • Complete all the appropriate Initial Basic Training (IBT) modules

What is covered in your motorbike lessons

First of all we start off covering the test routes and work through all of the maneuvers, safety checks, and position on the road. Additionally we correct any problems if and when they arise.


We communicate to our students about what they think they are having a problem with and we go through these issues and correct them. Student focus is put into breaking bad habits with an end result of riding a bike with increased confidence and proper preparation for the test.

Motor Bike Lessons

Pricing Table

Full IBT A/A2
  • Modules 1 3 and 5

  • Inc. School Bike/PPE

Module 5 only
  • Module 5

  • Inc. School Bike/PPE

Full IBT Am/A1
  • Modules 1 2 3 and 4

  • Inc. School Bike/PPE

Pre-Test Lesson
Call for Price
  • 2 hour lesson

  • Own Bike

We supply all the Motorbike, Helmet, jackets, Gloves, Trousers & Rain Gear. All at no extra cost to you

No need to go out and buy your Equipment until you have completed your Training

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Progressive access allows you to take advantage of your previous riding experience and skills in a lower motorcycle category to acquire a licence in a higher category without having to take another driving test. For example:

  • if you hold a full category A1 licence for two years and complete a progression module training course of IBT on a category A2 motorcycle, you can get a full category A2 licence without taking a practical driving test.

In some instances you may need to take a full driving test. For example:

  • if you take the progressive access training route to get a category A2 licence and later decide to get a category A licence, you must take a practical driving test for category A.

You must present on a motorcycle of a minimum of 115cm3 and no greater than 125cm3.

Here are the steps you need to follow:


  • Apply for a category A1 (lower power or small motorcycle) learner permit
  • complete Initial Basic Training (IBT)
  • continue practising until six months have elapsed and you are eligible to take the driving test
  • present for a driving test with a motorcycle of minimum 115cm3 and no greater than 125cm3.

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