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At O’Reilly School of Motoring we want our clients to be safe.  When we looked at the potential risk areas in our training with regard to the CoronaVirus. The two areas of concern that we found were Helmets and Gloves.

We have stocked up on disposable gloves which can be worn under your bike gloves to eliminate your hands as a risk area

Our helmets are always cleaned at the end of each day. Each client will have the option to clean their own helmet so you can be sure it’s properly cleaned using sanitizer.

We have arranged to get a selection helmets and PPE our suppliers. These are available to purchase on the first day of training.

All PPE is brand new, boxed and unworn and come from a reputable supplier. These are yours to take away at the end of the course.

If you would like to bring your own helmet and gloves you are very welcome but if you are going to buy one please ensure that it is a good tight fit and is from a reputable supplier.

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We supply all the Motorbike, Helmet, jackets, Gloves, Trousers & Rain Gear. All at no extra cost to you

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